How to unlock new business potential.

How to create a business development programme to replenish and expand your business.

Business Development is always important to any organisation. But do you have the time or resources to find and acquire worthwhile new business?

Are other issues more pressing than going out and finding new business such as “doing the job” on a day to day business or “fire fighting” or “satisfying the expectations of today’s customers”.

All those are crucial and important, but so is securing tomorrow’s business.

Would you like some experienced outside help to set-up or invigorate your business development programme?

Jonathan Greenyer has considerable experience evaluating, devising and implementing business development activity for organisations big and small.

  • When you last won a major piece of business was it the result of good planning or a welcome bit of serendipity?
  • Can you see any pattern to how you won your last few pieces of business, or did each one have a unique set of circumstances?
  • How long does it take to acquire a new and worthwhile client? From first contact to first invoice?
  • How many new clients per year do you need to keep your business viable?
  • What is you conversion rate of prospecting to meetings; meetings to winning new business?

Making time and resources available for an ongoing new business development programme is the lifeblood of a business.

Business development services provided

Recognising the needs of organisations of all sizes to outsource some or all elements of their business development programmes, GreenyerSolutions provides a full range of services to help your organisation grow and acquire essential, profitable new business.

You can buy into whatever level of support works best for your situation and budgets. A light touch and guidance to help your own staff achieve your new business aims or total immersion in your business outsourcing every aspect of a new business programme.

  • Research: Desk and original research; market analysis, competitor analysis, marketing sizing to scope out your options.
  • Planning: Deconstructing, interpreting and clarifying your aspirations for business growth to create a plan.
  • Internal Comms: Training and developing your own staff on new business approaches to ensure all staff support and understand their role in the programme.
  • Data basing: Cleaning, building and developing target lists to establish the grass roots of a business development programme.
  • Communication: Focussing and designing your marketing, PR and communications material to win together and help your business development programme.
  • Prospecting: Professional business2business communication by phone, email, letter and in person to actually bring in new worthwhile business.

Approach and experience

Whilst new business development is heavily dependent on a detailed, sustained, structured process with clear planning; without a true understanding of what's at the very heart of your organisation's aspirations - would be just so much noise and static, in a sea of random communication.

Successful new business approaches require a broad base of business knowledge; excellent and persistent communication skills; the ability to extemporise and run with an opportunity as it arises and empathy with all levels of client contacts.

Jonathan Greenyer draws on experience and skills gained from both blue-chip companies and the consultancy side; with ten years heading up a retail and brand marketing department, ten years as a senior director in a Top 30 London marketing consultancy and eleven years business development. All this experience contributes to a winning combination of Business Development, Marketing, Training and Design skills to create an effective business development programme for any company or organisation.


New business programmes require a sustained timescale to get the ball rolling and to chase up opportunities. The best solution for you will be one that fully integrates with your own resources to support the development programme and to handle the new business.

To provide this type of solution GreenyerSolutions charges an ’equivalent day rate‘ spreading the work load throughout the week providing seemless five day a week cover.

Do you want to grow your business?

For an initial evaluation of your new business plans and an outline of how best to achieve your aspirations utilising existing or additional resources, contact:

Jonathan Greenyer
Jonathan Greenyer

01344 882702

21 Woodside Road, Windsor SL4 2DP